Substantial Settlement of Lawsuit Involving Bicyclist Hit by Truck

August 2014

The firm represented a cyclist who was struck from behind by a Ford F-150 truck travelling 40 m.p.h. The cyclist was riding on a heavily-travelled bicycle route on a public roadway in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  The impact of the collision caused the following injuries to the cyclist: broken back, broken neck, fractured pelvis, broken leg, permanent kidney damage, and permanent neurological damage.  The client was air lifted to Huntsville Hospital where he underwent extensive surgery on his spine to prevent further harm to his vertebrae and to allow him to walk again.  He spent eight total days in the hospital and endured months of physical therapy.  Due to the severity of his injuries, the client incurred approximately $350,000 in medical bills.  The firm filed a lawsuit on behalf the client and began a jury trial in August, 2014. On the third day of trial, the lawsuit settled, resulting in a substantial amount being paid to the firm’s client.