Settlement of Waterfront Property Lawsuit

June 2016

The firm negotiated a settlement for the Estate of Harvey Robbins in a lawsuit brought against William H. Martin, III, Lucida Shreeder and other related parties for the amount of $450,000. In March of 2014 the Alabama Supreme Court affirmed the summary judgment the firm obtained for Mr. Robbins related to ownership of land under Wilson Lake adjoining waterfront property Mr. Robbins had purchased from the Martin defendants. The defendants claimed ownership of the land under the lake and attempted to impede the development of the lakefront property that Mr. Robbins had purchased. The trial court and the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Robbins had clear title to the land under the lake adjoining his property, and the case was remanded for a determination of damages to the Estate. Mr. Robbins regrettably had passed away during the pendency of the case, but we are pleased a settlement regarding damages was reached.