Hall | Tanner | Hargett is a civil litigation law firm located in Tuscumbia Alabama area. The firm’s attorneys, Rick Hall, Mike Tanner and Douglas Hargett, graduated with academic distinction from their respective law schools and obtained substantial experience in large firms handling complex litigation. Each of them decided to move back to their home town communities in the Tennessee Valley where they now use their knowledge of the local court systems and juries to provide their clients with the highest quality of legal services possible.

The firm has a proven track record of success inside and outside the courtroom. Rick, Mike and Douglas have litigated cases at the local, regional and national levels against and with some the largest law firms in the United States. Their familiarity and collective experience practicing in the state and federal court systems located throughout North Alabama uniquely positions them to represent both individuals and businesses in the Tennessee Valley, as well as clients from around the country.

The firm regularly represents plaintiffs and defendants in a broad range of important cases and disputes, a few of which include: business litigation, estate and trust litigation, real estate and construction litigation, trucking and automobile accidents, personal injury and products liability, wrongful death, insurance and consumer fraud, industrial and workplace accidents, employment litigation, medical negligence and nursing home abuse.

Also Serving: Florence and Sheffield