Biking on public roadways, private property and closed courses is becoming increasing popular for some as a competitive sport and for others as a way to stay active and exercise. As is the case with many activities that involve sharing a roadway, there can and likely will be accidents, particularly as the popularity of cycling increases. However, many times there are avoidable circumstances that lead to serious cycling injuries, including a motorist who is not paying attention or following the law while operating a motor vehicle, a dangerous roadway, or faulty bike parts to name a few examples.

The firm has experience representing individuals who have suffered personal injuries, financial losses, emotional distress and other damages while lawfully operating a bicycle. When a biking accident occurs, the injuries can be substantial and life-altering for the cyclist injured, as well as the family of the injured rider. The injuries sustained from a bicycle collision can range from minor scrapes and bruises to permanent scars, broken bones, loss of limbs, and even death. Many of the serious injuries resulting from a bicycle wreck with a motor vehicle require extensive surgeries and procedures that permanently change and impact the quality of life of the injured rider and his or her family.

Bicycle rules, regulations and laws differ from a typical collision involving two or more motor vehicles. The firm will investigate the accident and take the necessary actions to resolve the case in favor of the client whether through settlement or trial. Each bicycle case has its own facts and each client has his or her own interests and needs, and the firm understands that no two cases are identical. The firm is experienced and fully prepared to assist injured cyclists, and will fight for our client’s right to be compensated for the injuries and losses suffered.


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