January 2021 Rick Hall Inducted to American College of Trial Lawyers

December 2020 Auto Accident Representation in Limestone County

December 2020 Representation in Head-On Collision Involving Broken Legs and Back

December 2020 Representation of Nationwide Real Estate Company

December 2020 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Intoxicated Boat Driver

November 2020 Representation of Local Farmer

October 2020 Representation in Shareholder Dispute

September 2020 Settlement of Adversary Proceedings in Bankruptcy Court

September 2020 Representation of Heir in Will Contest

May 2020 Representation for Violation of Lease Agreements

April 2020 Defense of Local CEO in Fraud Action

April 2020 Representation of Madison County Engineering Company

March 2020 Representation of Worldwide Poultry Breeder

January 2020 Expert Witness for National Insurance Company

January 2020 Six-Figure Settlement of Estate Case

November 2019 Representation of Driver Seriously Injured in Accident

November 2019 Defense of Real Estate Development and Home Building Company

October 2019 $522,241 Judgment in Lumber Case

September 2019 Representation of Ambulance Service Provider Against Municipality

July 2019 Substantial Settlement for Bus Driver and Child in 18-Wheeler Collision

June 2019 Jury Verdict in Favor of Estate

June 2019 Defense of Local Construction Company in Wrongful Death Case

June 2019 Defense of National Real Estate Brokerage Firm and Agent

May 2019 Unauthorized Sampling of Sound Recording

May 2019 Defense of Local Businessman in Fraud Action

April 2019 Defense of Shareholder Derivative and Oppression Case

April 2019 Settlement of High-Speed Collision Car Wreck Claim

April 2019 Settlement of Heavy Equipment Case Against Manufacturer

January 2019 Settlement of Commercial General Liabilty Insurance Claim

December 2018 Settlement of Multimillion Dollar Will Contest

December 2018 Successful Petition for Writ of Mandamus

December 2018 Settlement for Homeowner in Pest Control Case

November 2018 Defense of EEOC Claim

October 2018 Settlement of Professional Liability Case and Arbitration

October 2018 Settlement for Widow in Tennessee Death Case

September 2018 Defense of Retaliatory Discharge Case

September 2018 Summary Judgment in Franchise Acquisition Case

September 2018 Reversal of Judgment On Appeal

August 2018 Claims Against Credit Union Dismissed

August 2018 Defense and Settlement Furnace Litigation

August 2018 Defense of Legal Malpractice Case

May 2018 Policy Limits Motorcycle Settlement

February 2018 Settlement of International Wire Transfer Claim

January 2018 Representation in Guardianship Proceeding

December 2017 Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Judgment

December 2017 Successful Trial Verdict in Favor of Doctor in Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Case

November 2017 Confidential Settlement of Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

November 2017 Defense of Paint Manufacturer in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

November 2017 Settlement of Premises Liability Injury Claim

October 2017 Settlement of Claim Against Drunk Driver

October 2017 Defense in Substantial Estate Case

September 2017 Confidential Settlement of Claim Against Drunk Driver

September 2017 Lumber Inventory Lawsuit

August 2017 Representation of Client Injured at Sports and Outdoors Retail Store

August 2017 Settlement of Motorcycle Accident Claim

August 2017 Representation of Client in Bank Dispute

August 2017 Settlement of Life Insurance Claim

July 2017 Bad Faith Claim Against Insurance Company for Short and Long Term Disability Policy Benefits

June 2017 Representation of Client Run Off Road by Drunk Driver

May 2017 Judgment in Lakefront Property Litigation

May 2017 Jury Verdict in Favor of Client for Trespass and Damage to Timber and Land

May 2017 Settlement of Lawsuit Against Pipe Manufacturer, Plumber, and Homebuilder

May 2017 Settlement Against Hotel Chain

April 2017 Settlement of Auto Accident Claim

March 2017 $495,000 Estate and Trust Ruling

March 2017 Representation of Client in Contract Dispute

March 2017 Representation of Client Hit by Driver

February 2017 Bad Faith Claim Against Insurance Company for Accidental Injury Policy Benefits

January 2017 Representation of Furnace Manufacturer

January 2017 Settlement of Dog Bite Claim

January 2017 Defense of Large Firm in Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

December 2016 Defense of Car Dealership and Owner

November 2016 Significant Neck Injury in Motor Vehicle Lawsuit

August 2016 Defense of Toxic Tort Case with 57 Plaintiffs

August 2016 Estate Litigation for Misappropriation of Assets

July 2016 Enforcement of Health Insurance Coverage

July 2016 Settlement of Multi-vehicle Accident Claim

July 2016 Enforcement of Adopted Child’s Inheritance Rights

July 2016 Settlement of Claim on Behalf of College Coach

July 2016 Product Design and Defect Claim

July 2016 Representation of Landlocked Property Owners

June 2016 Bad Faith Lawsuit Against Life Insurance Company

June 2016 Confidential Settlement Against Trucking Company

June 2016 Settlement of Waterfront Property Lawsuit

June 2016 Tax Assessment Appeal

May 2016 Settlement of Theft Claim Under Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

May 2016 Defense of Annuity Issuer Related to Change of Beneficiaries

May 2016 Settlement of Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

April 2016 Lawsuit by Customer Against Bank

April 2016 Claim Against Bank to Recover Unauthorized Transfers in Excess of $1 Million

March 2016 Products Liability Case Against Paint Manufacturers

March 2016 Substantial Judgment for Contractor

February 2016 Minority Shareholder Valuation Dispute

January 2016 Douglas Hargett Published in Alabama Lawyer

January 2016 Lawsuit Against Intoxicated Driver

January 2016 Litigation of Franchise Agreement Dispute

January 2016 Settlement of Will and Trust Contest

January 2016 Representation of College Coach

January 2016 Settlement of 18-wheeler Accident Lawsuit

January 2016 Settlement of Commercial Lease Dispute

December 2015 Client Viciously Attacked by Dogs

December 2015 Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle

November 2015 $2 Million Settlement of Wrongful Death Case

November 2015 Multi-million Dollar Settlement of Insurance Claims

November 2015 Representation in Defective Plumbing Lawsuit

October 2015 $400,000 Settlement of Estate and Trust Lawsuit

October 2015 Representation in Personal Injury Lawsuit

October 2015 Representation in 18-wheeler Accident Case

October 2015 Settlement of Trip and Fall Claim

October 2015 Trespass and Loss of Timber Value Lawsuit

September 2015 Representation in Multiple Vehicle Accident

September 2015 $100,000 Settlement of Insurance Bad Faith Claim

August 2015 Products Liability Settlement

August 2015 $200,000 Uninsured Motorist Settlement

July 2015 Settlement of Life Insurance Lawsuit

July 2015 Resolution of Property Ownership Dispute

June 2015 Personal Injuries Suffered by Client

June 2015 Premises Liability Claim Against Business Owner

June 2015 Settlement of Tractor Trailer Collision with Client

April 2015 $328,000 Insurance Settlement

April 2015 Representation of Commercial Tenant in Wrongful Eviction

March 2015 Settlement of Products Liability Case

March 2015 Settlement of Automobile Injury Lawsuit

March 2015 Settlement of Estate Dispute

December 2014 Representation in Personal Injury Case

December 2014 Representation of Client Hit by Tractor-Trailer

November 2014 Securities Fraud Settlement

November 2014 Representation of Client Hit by Tractor-Trailer

November 2014 Settlement of Client Hit by Tractor-Trailer

October 2014 Settlement of Lawsuit Involving Bicyclist Hit by Vehicle

October 2014 Settlement of Slip and Fall Injury Claim

September 2014 Settlement of Automobile Injury Lawsuit

August 2014 Settlement of Case Against Contractor

August 2014 Substantial Settlement of Lawsuit Involving Bicyclist Hit by Truck

June 2014 Representation of Contractor

May 2014 Settlement of Slip and Fall Injury Claim

May 2014 Representation of Terminated Bank Officer

April 2014 Partner Douglas Hargett Inducted into Colbert County Sports Hall of Fame

March 2014 Settlement of Fidelity Bond Claim

March 2014 Representation of Client Hit by Tractor-Trailer

March 2014 Summary Judgment Affirmed by Alabama Supreme Court

February 2014 Representation in Airport Construction Litigation

February 2014 Substantial Settlement in Knee Injury Case Against Hotel

February 2014 $400,000 Jury Verdict in Life Insurance Trial

January 2014 Representation of Minority Member in Oppression Lawsuit

January 2014 Policy Limits Settlement of Motorcycle Death Case

January 2014 Settlement of House Fire Case Against Landlord

January 2014 Confidential Settlement of Widow’s Life Insurance Claim

January 2014 Representation of Poultry Farmer Against Insurer

December 2013 Confidential Settlement of Business Dispute

December 2013 Settlement of Bank Fraud Counterclaims

November 2013 Policy Limits Settlement of Dog Bite Case

October 2013 Confidential Settlement of Property Dispute

October 2013 Partner Douglas Hargett Inducted into the University of North Alabama Athletic Hall of Fame

October 2013 Sponsorship of FAME Girls’ Ranch

October 2013 Jury Verdict in Firefighter Promotion Case

September 2013 Substantial Settlement of Personal Injury Claim

September 2013 Representation in Bad Faith Case

August 2013 Representation of Homeowner in Property Dispute

August 2013 Representation of Slip and Fall Accident Victim

July 2013 Representation of Severely Injured Bicyclist

June 2013 Representation of Surviving Spouse in Wrongful Death Case

June 2013 Settlement of Severe Personal Injury Case of a Minor

June 2013 Representation Regarding Stop Loss Health Insurance

May 2013 Representation of Fireman in Civil Service Board Appeal

May 2013 Representation of Injured Motorist

May 2013 Substantial Settlement in Shareholder Lawsuit

May 2013 Representation of General Contractor in Construction Dispute in Federal

April 2013: Settlement of Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

April 2013: Settlement of Tractor-Trailer Case

April 2013: Representation in Federal Trademark Lawsuit

April 2013: Breach of Life Insurance Contract and Bad Faith

March 2013 Settlement of Challenge to a Revocable Trust and Will

March 2013: Settlement of Auto Insurance Claim

March 2013: Settlement of Breach of Travel Insurance Contract

March 2013: Substantial Settlement of Breach of Insurance Contract

March 2013: Substantial Settlement of Trust and Estate Case

March 2013: Substantial Settlement of Shareholder Dispute

February 2013: Representation of Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary

February 2013: Personal Injuries in House Fire

November 2012: Shareholder Derivative and Oppression Action

November 2012: Representation of Board Game Seller/Distributor

November 2012: Trade Secrets/Employee Breach of Fiduciary Duty

November 2012: Partial Summary Judgment in Breach of Trust Case

October 2012: Representation in Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit

September 2012: Summary Judgment Obtained in Water Rights/Property Dispute Involving Multi-Million Dollar Lake Front Property

AUGUST 2012: Representation in Fidelity Bond Case

AUGUST 2012: Wrongful Death Case After High Speed Police Chase

AUGUST 2012: Representation of Technology Company

JULY 2012: Defense of Insurer in Life Insurance Case

JULY 2012: Settlement of Wrongful Foreclosure Case

JULY 2012: Breach of Contract and Bad Faith Case Against Insurance Co.

JUNE 2012: Employee Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Representation

JUNE 2012: Representation in Tractor-Trailer Case

MAY 2012: Representation of Government Contractor

MAY 2012: Wrongful Death Boating Case

MAY 2012: Representation in Case Requesting Judicial Sale of Property

MAY 2012: Civil Service Board Appeal of Promotion

MAY 2012: Successful Representation in Employment Non-Solicitation Case

APRIL 2012: Representation in Easement and Trespass Case

APRIL 2012: Lawsuit Against Home Inspector

APRIL 2012: Settlement of Automobile/Underinsured Motorist Case

MARCH 2012: Representation in Automobile Guest Statute Case

FEBRUARY 2012: Representation in Tortious Interference Action

FEBRUARY 2012: Settlement of Personal Injury Case

FEBRUARY 2012: Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

JANUARY 2012: Breach of Contract in Business Purchase Case

JANUARY 2012: Fraud Action Against Bank

JANUARY 2012: Nursing Home Personal Injury Settlement

DECEMBER 2011: Multi-Million Dollar Trust and Estate Case

NOVEMBER 2011: Land Sale Dispute

OCTOBER 2011: Representation of Government Contract Company

SEPTEMBER 2011: Representation of Online Auction Company

SEPTEMBER 2011: Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreement Dispute

SEPTEMBER 2011: Substantial Settlement of Wrongful Foreclosure Case

AUGUST 2011: Settlement of Claim Against Utilities Provider

AUGUST 2011: Million Dollar Real Estate Dispute Settled

AUGUST 2011: Premises Liability Lawsuit Filed

AUGUST 2011: Summary Judgment Obtained in Favor of Client

JULY 2011: Defense of Executor in Estate Dispute

JULY 2011: Minority Shareholder and Business Dispute

JULY 2011: Wrongful Foreclosure Claim Pursued

JUNE 2011: Multimillion Dollar Estate and Trust Representation

JUNE 2011: Contract and Fraud Claim Against Funeral Home

JUNE 2011: Defamation Claim Against Homeowners Association

JUNE 2011: Real Estate Contract Dispute and Fraud

JUNE 2011: Dispute Over Recycled Materials

MAY 2011: Real Estate Dispute and Breach of Management Agreement

MAY 2011: Personal Injury Claim Against Hotel

MAY 2011: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed

APRIL 2011: Fidelity Bond Claim

MARCH 2011: Defense of Local Business Owner in Contract Dispute

FEBRUARY 2011: Minority Shareholder Action Filed

JANUARY 2011: Substantial Jury Verdict Against Insurance Company

JANUARY 2011: Property and Water Rights Dispute

DECEMBER 2010: Commercial Trucking Accident

DECEMBER 2010: Settlement of Property Dispute Related to Outdoor Billboard

NOVEMBER 2010: Homeowners Association Dispute

NOVEMBER 2010: Title Insurance Claim Related to Undisclosed Easement

NOVEMBER 2010: Fidelity Bond Claim Pursued on Behalf of Bank

NOVEMBER 2010: Settlement of Automobile Accident Insurance Claim

OCTOBER 2010: Breach of Trust and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case Filed

AUGUST 2010: $870,000 Jury Verdict in Colbert County Truck Wreck Case

JULY 2010: Settlement of Bad Faith Case Against Liability Insurer

MAY 2010: Successful Supreme Court Ruling in Business Litigation Case

MARCH 2010: Registration and Execution on Arbitration Award

MARCH 2010: Settlement of Real Estate Contract Dispute in Favor of Builder

FEBRUARY 2010: Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Board Game Seller/Distributor

JANUARY 2010: Settlement of Non-Solicitation/Non-Competition Lawsuit

JANUARY 2010: Settlement of Real Estate Sales Contract Dispute

DECEMBER 2009: Settlement of Multi-Million Dollar Will and Estate Contest

NOVEMBER 2009: Settlement of Motorcycle Accident Case

OCTOBER 2009: Defense of Securities Fraud Lawsuit

OCTOBER 2009: Retaliatory Discharge Lawsuit Filed

OCTOBER 2009: Settlement of Security System Lawsuit

SEPTEMBER 2009: Settlement of Automobile Accident Case

AUGUST 2009: Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Filed Against Mortgage Company

JULY 2009: Nursing Home Neglect Case in Tennessee

JUNE 2009: Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit Filed

MAY 2009: Settlement of Manufacturer’s Warranty Claims Against Supplier

APRIL 2009: Will Contest in Substantial Estate

APRIL 2009: Shareholder Derivative and Corporate Oppression Lawsuit

MARCH 2009: Case Filed Arising Out of Automobile Accident in Tennessee

MARCH 2009: Trucking Accident Case Filed

FEBRUARY 2009: Fidelity Bond Insurance Case Settled

FEBRUARY 2009: Defense of Environmental Contamination Case

JANUARY 2009: Settlement Regarding On-the-Job Chemical Exposure

JANUARY 2009: Successful Defense of Trade Secrets Case

JANUARY 2009: Successful Dismissal/Transfer of Intellectual Property Lawsuit

DECEMBER 2008: Successful Assertion of Liability Insurance Coverage

NOVEMBER 2008: Child Abuse Case Settled

NOVEMBER 2008: Successful Defense of Condo Developers

OCTOBER 2008: Physician Business Dispute Settled

AUGUST 2008: Health Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

JULY 2008: Trial Verdict in Hurricane Katrina Breach of Contract/Fraud Case

JULY 2008: Filing of Malicious Prosecution and Fraud Suit

JULY 2008: Medical Negligence Case Filed

JUNE 2008: Settlement for Trust Beneficiary

JUNE 2008: Automobile Guest Case Filed

FEBRUARY 2008: Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case Filed Against Trustee

JANUARY 2008: Jury Verdict in Automobile Accident Case

AUGUST 2007: Successful Dismissal of Lawsuit for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

MARCH 2007: Trial Verdict in Favor of Title Insurance Company